Who We Are

WACM is the University of Wisconsin-Madison's student chapter of ACM-W, ACM's Women in Computing. We provide social, educational and outreach activities for women in the Computer Sciences department, in the university, and in the surrounding community.

How to Contact Us

To get in touch with us about events, please email Ancy Philip, Pallavi Ghosh, Nikhita Kunati, Haylee Jane Monteiro, and Jayapradha Rangarajan.


Name Email Title
Ancy Philip aphilip@wisc.edu President & Treasurer
Pallavi Ghosh pghosh8@wisc.edu Vice President & Treasurer
Yugali Gullapalli ygullapalli@wisc.edu Secretary
Suchita Pati spati2@wisc.edu Secretary
Nikhita Kunati kunati@wisc.edu Activities Co-Chair
Haylee Jane Monteiro monteiro@wisc.edu Activities Co-Chair
Jayapradha Rangarajan jrangarajan@wisc.edu Activities Co-Chair & Treasurer
Tavishi Gupta tgupta24@wisc.edu Mentoring Co-Chair
Jayasruthi Rangarajan jrangarajan2@wisc.edu Mentoring Co-Chair, Historian, & Social Media Lead
Yuke Liang yliang65@wisc.edu Mentoring Co-Chair (Biweekly Lunches) & Treasurer
Alayna Truttmann atruttmann@wisc.edu Web Mistress & Social Media Lead
Muriel Kelso mkelso@wisc.edu Advisory Board
Dhyuti Ramadas dramadas@wisc.edu Advisory Board
Hima Bharathi Adusumilli hadusumilli@wisc.edu Undergrad Representative
Maggie Marxen mmarxen@wisc.edu Undergrad Representative
Emily Moeller ecmoeller@wisc.edu Undergrad Representative
Anna Rusk arusk@wisc.edu Undergrad Representative
Meena Syamkumar msyamkumar@wisc.edu Graduate Student Advisor