Welcome to WACM!

WACM is the University of Wisconsin-Madison's student chapter of ACM-W, ACM's Women in Computing.

We provide social, educational and outreach activities for women in the Computer Sciences department, in the university, and in the surrounding community.

Corporate events

We collaborate with companies to hold tech talks and networking events typically as a lunch or dinner.

We tour local corporate offices such as Microsoft Gray Systems Lab, Google Madison, and Epic Systems to learn more about the tech industry.

Mentoring program

Our mentoring program matches graduate mentors with undergraduate mentees to form one-on-one associations based on their areas of interest in CS. Mentors and mentees talk about course selection, grad school vs. industry, scholarship applications, interview preparations and volunteer opportunities and help them build a network of peers in computer science. We also bring in a career mentor, for additional mentoring. For more information, contact the Mentoring Co-Chairs .

Speaker Series

We invite distinguished women from academia and industry as guests and conduct a social event. The students have a round-table discussion with the guest speaker to learn about their accomplishments.

WACM Explains

WACM members present educational sessions such as entrepreneurship, learning Linux, and interview sprints. These sessions are open to all students who are interested in STEM!

Biweekly lunches

The perfect gathering for all WACM members and Women in Tech to stay in touch, exchange updates about the advances in relevant field and most of all meet people with similar goals and aspirations. Each cycle we choose a different theme or a topic for the day and use the luncheons as a way to let off some steam and go back to our schedules reenergized, fresh and inspired. These lunches give students the opportunity to regularly interact with female Professors in an informal setting. This is a "bring your own food" event and a sum of up to $7 is reimbursed upon receipt display.

Social events

WACM hosts social events such as an annual potluck dinner to welcome new students, gaming sessions, movie nights, and ice cream socials.

WACM members at GHC

Grace Hopper Scholarships

WACM provides scholarships for women to attend the Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing . It is the world's largest gathering of women technologists and truly an incredible experience to learn more about the technology industry and network with other amazing women. Make sure to apply at the end of spring semester!